Winter Comfortfood: Poached Eggs & Roasted Vegetable Rice Bowl

Winter Comfortfood: Poached Eggs & Roasted Vegetable Rice Bowl

It’s bitterly cold in NYC so other than wishing I was a bear that could sleep till spring,  I’ve been craving simple rich flavors – like a really great poached egg. Since I had some leftover brown rice from earlier in the week, I decided I’d use that as a base along with roasted parsnips and cherry tomatoes to … Continue reading


Be my Hanky Panky Valentine

Be my Hanky Panky Valentine

I’ve found people have a love/hate relationship with Fernet, much like some of us have with Valentine’s Day. Personally, I had a strong aversion to it until little by little I fell in love with it. It being Fernet. Fernet is coy. The intense dark liquid captures the eye with hints of gold that lure you in. A first sip hits your … Continue reading

A Cocktail Bitters Love Affair with Angostura

Bitters are to cocktails what proper seasoning is to food. You can make a drink without them but once added the difference is remarkable. Angostura bitters are one of the most well-known cocktail bitters. They are an extremely concentrated botanically infused alcoholic mixture made of water, alcohol, herbs and spices by House of Angostura in … Continue reading

My favorite salted chocolate chip cookie

My favorite salted chocolate chip cookie

Earlier this week as NYC braced itself for a historic blizzard I decided to use the downtime to bake. I had fond memories from last summer of Brooklyn bakery Ovenly’s near infamous salted chocolate chip cookie that totally hit the perfect balance of salty-sweet and moist at its center. [Sidenote: I had immediately regretted buying only the one cookie while my … Continue reading

Dads with Superpowers

Overheard on the subway this morning as a man rushed into our carriage carrying his daughter: Daddy, you’re even stronger than a real hero! I couldn’t help but smile. This weekend my Dad orchestrated a surprise family phone call. Yeah, that may not sound like a big deal except that due to the time difference … Continue reading

Raving about Seared Watermelon Sashimi

Raving about is for dishes that have halted conversations, inspired sighs of pleasure and on occasion, made me regret agreeing to share. This week’s rave: seared watermelon sashimi from Sunshine Co. in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights neighborhood. I’d stopped into Sunshine Co. after a day of eating and drinking my way around town with a friend. We … Continue reading

Hot Flash

Summer, that season that if you don’t pay close attention, is gone in a blink of an eye. That’s been my summer. Work got hectic with (a now imminent) product launch and though I had some fun play days, somehow I find myself on the eve of Labor Day weekend having lost count of the 16+ … Continue reading

Color Me Pretty

I’m off to Key West for the weekend – yay! Lazy sunny beach and pool days – double yay! Swimsuit and exposed  skin – um, yeah… about that… Recent injuries and surgeries put a serious dent in my exercise routine so I’m not by any means beach-body ready. Lack of regular sunny days and my birthright mean … Continue reading

FIGMENT NYC: Unearthing Adult Curiosity

Recently I went to FIGMENT NYC on Governor’s Island. I guess you’d call it an interactive art festival as there are installations to explore and to partake in. A favorite seemed to be Head in the Clouds which was built from empty water bottles and gallon jugs. There was a DJ playing inside and so … Continue reading

Clean up on the Q

On the subway the other morning I dropped my iced coffee. It did that flippity flip thing where for a brief second I thought it would land right side up. No dice. 16oz of coffee and iced spilled all over the place. Luckily no one was hit by the splatter but rivers of coffee formed … Continue reading