Exits and intakes

Last night I had the best of intentions to blog when I got home but then I stopped by two going away parties for coworkers. Let’s just say that a long work day and four cocktails do not a blog post make.

So here I am Friday, minutes before midnight… and in much the same situation.

It has been a long week. Today I spent 11 hours working on Holiday content… upside: that meant Kimchi Grill tacos for dinner (love, love, love their short rib – subject of future post) and kicking off a weekend of “le quatorze juillet” celebrations aka Bastille Day with a St. Germain Martini.

Yes, 10 years in France means I celebrate uprisings… another subject for a future post.

For the curious:

My St.Germain Martini Recipe:
Equal parts St. Germain liqueur & vodka (lemon is good, pear is better), a generous squeeze of lime, shake and serve – either in a classic martini glass or over ice but definitely with a lime twist.


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