Polenta a.k.a English Muffin

During my workout I started contemplating breakfast… the conversation in my head went like this:

“ooh, 606 will be open. haven’t been there in a while… but I’m gonna be stinky… well, it is early so maybe that won’t really matter. Do they do takeout? No, you promised to cook more at home… I have pesto, eggs…hmm… eggs pesto… soft poached, drizzled with pesto. yes! must get English muffin to use as base.”

So the plan was simple: Supermarket. English muffins. Home. Easy.


The muffins were on special and so only available in a 12 pack! I live alone, I do not need 12 English muffins AND I live in NYC my freezer space is precious.

Instead, I left the supermarket with a bag of spinach and some polenta, fruit, yoghurt and Ciao Bella gelato sandwiches.  Grocery shopping when hungry is never a good idea.

Back home, I did cook up the polenta, wilted the spinach with some caramelized onions and topped the lot with my original “eggs pesto” and some freshly grated parmesan.

No photo. I was too hungry. Though it was excellent.


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