Posted in August 2012

No photos please

My office looks out on the High Line. Elevated freight rail tracks that were once used to expedite goods from the various factories along the west side of Manhattan and that have recently been turned into an urban park. The tracks run from Gansevoort St up to 34th Street and the structure is gorgeous. The … Continue reading


Rush hour at the laundromat

There are many advantages to living in NYC, not being able to do your own laundry in your apartment is definitely not one of them. Granted, there are those lucky few who have laundry in their apartment or even in their building, unfortunately that’s not my case. I could just send my laundry out but I tried that … Continue reading

Pleat night or the art of making dumplings

Cliff notes from another Skillshare class, this time making Chinese dumplings with Cathy Erway, author of “The Art of Eating In”. A fun night of learning proper dumpling folding technique and munching on the finished product. We made three different types of fillings: the traditional: pork, shrimp & chive the healthy: zucchini, mint & feta the … Continue reading

Cleansing… sort of

Last week I was feeling bloated and sluggish and inspired by friends who had recently completed juice cleanses I decided to give one a whirl. I selected the ever popular Renovation Cleanse from Blue Print Cleanse (BPC) which consists of six juices per day: a green juice, a pineapple/mint juice, another green juice, a spicy lemonade, a … Continue reading

The future is here

I spent the day catching up on articles I’d been meaning to read for work.  One of my favorites was an article called “why shopping will never the same” by Jon Swartz at USA Today. in it, he outlines the impact that digital advances will have on our shopping experience and how that will change the … Continue reading

Friday night perfection

Today was one of those days where I just got to go about the day with a smile on my face, it was a treat after last week’s insanity of a shoot review. Today after doing my chores, I spent the afternoon biking from PT to massage appointments for my hip issues and then just … Continue reading

Friendship on the streets

Late last night as I was heading toward the subway on the way home from a very long day at work, I noticed two homeless people had set up their home for the night by the entrance. They were both elderly and one of them was washing the other with baby wipes while chatting away … Continue reading

Connecting the dots

A couple of months ago a friend mentioned she’d started blogging and was using Seinfeld’s productivity tip of “don’t break the chain” to help her create a writing habit. It’s simple – every year, in January, Seinfeld hangs a large year-at-a-glance calendar on his wall and for each day he writes he  “X”s over that day. … Continue reading

Working for my supper

Summertime brings crab boils to NYC. Tables covered in newspaper, fingers for utensils and mountains of crabs to pick through plus communal seating make for fun nights. Of course, when you’re like me and will talk to anyone it’s even more fun. Recently, my friend Jeff invited me to join him for a crab boil … Continue reading

Beers, Brooklyn and beats

Tuesday night I went to see M.Ward at Celebrate Brooklyn. I got there early to claim our blanket real estate then enjoyed a few illicit beers that my friend snuck in, (even I enjoy the occasional champagne of beers) while enjoying the show and the sweet smoke that wafted from nearby and across the crowd.