Working for my supper

Spiced crabs from Back Forty NYC

Summertime brings crab boils to NYC. Tables covered in newspaper, fingers for utensils and mountains of crabs to pick through plus communal seating make for fun nights. Of course, when you’re like me and will talk to anyone it’s even more fun.

Recently, my friend Jeff invited me to join him for a crab boil at Back Forty in the East Village. Every Tuesday from early June to Labor Day they sell seats to crab boils: 3 massive buckets of spiced crabs, corn on the cob, boiled new potatoes plus a couple of pitchers of beer and a peach cobbler to top it all off.  It may be labor intensive but it sure is tasty.

During dinner we made friends with a couple who moved here from Austin and so afterwards we all piled into a cab and headed to Chinatown to cocktail bar where they knew the owner/bartender. The bartenders were not your classic speakeasy-twisted-mustache-types, on the contrary they were rocker/bikes but nonetheless those drinks were awesome – all I remember is mine had cucumber, st.germain and vodka in it.

Drinks flowed as did the conversation, it was just one of those spontaneous NYC nights I didn’t want to let end.


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