Friday night perfection

Today was one of those days where I just got to go about the day with a smile on my face, it was a treat after last week’s insanity of a shoot review.

Today after doing my chores, I spent the afternoon biking from PT to massage appointments for my hip issues and then just biking around for the fun of it. I biked both the Manhattan & the Brooklyn bridges with the sun shining and a light breeze and was thrilled that the rain storm that was meant to hit around 2 pm never materialized.

A delightfully simple day inspired a simple but big flavor dinner: fish tacos.

I made tortilla encrusted tilapia which I then broiled and removed from under the heat just before it was completely cooked allowing it to rest while I dressed the taco. Meanwhile I chopped up a few grape tomatoes with sweet corn, cilantro, a few dashes of sriracha and a squeeze of lime. As for taco, well I opted for flour tortillas instead because I prefer them to the corn ones.

I loved how the sriracha and lime played well with the tomato/corn salad with that little kick of heat/smoke at the back of your throat and that the fish was moist yet with a slight crunch.

Friday night dinner

Tortilla encrusted tilapia with sweet corn, grape tomatoes, cilanto, sriracha and lime.


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