The future is here

I spent the day catching up on articles I’d been meaning to read for work.  One of my favorites was an article called “why shopping will never the same” by Jon Swartz at USA Today. in it, he outlines the impact that digital advances will have on our shopping experience and how that will change the face of your classic retail store.

Some may mock the idea of virtual dressing rooms or the eeriness of walking into a store where the sales person already knows what you came to buy based on data in your phone but then again, it wasn’t that long ago that the thought of buying your coffee with your phone or watching a movie on anything but a TV seemed “futuristic” and those are both realities.

Time to accept that the future is already here, case in point this video on YouTube of the virtual greeter at the Duane Reade on Wall St.

Though I didn’t make the video I have met her, she’s a little stiff but informative without an attitude.


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