Cleansing… sort of

Last week I was feeling bloated and sluggish and inspired by friends who had recently completed juice cleanses I decided to give one a whirl.

I selected the ever popular Renovation Cleanse from Blue Print Cleanse (BPC) which consists of six juices per day: a green juice, a pineapple/mint juice, another green juice, a spicy lemonade, a beet/apple juice and a cashew nut milk one to end the day.  Oh, and that comes to a whopping total of 1070 cal/day… a solid 500 less than I generally consume on a good day!

Committed to my insanity I decided to do a 5 day cleanse because 3 days seemed like a breeze plus my cleanse was flawed from the get-go… see this month it was not an option to completely clear my social calendar for 5 or even 3 straight days so I decided I would juice during the day and play days/evenings with food obligations by ear.

Before I even started I was frustrated by BPC’s delivery windows. All I wanted was my juice delivered to my home before or after work, I mean at $65/day I wasn’t about to leave a couple hundred dollars in juice in the office fridge. However, once I realized that BPC sells exactly the same juices through stores under the label Blue Print Juice I bought my juices through Fresh Direct (FD) who deliver at such off hours as 6-8am and 8-10pm. Granted I would miss out on the supportive emails but my juices would be safe in my fridge and I would save about $5/day.

The first 3 days were delivered on Sunday, my last 2 days on Wednesday before I went to work. FD delivered at 9.56pm on Sunday so I thought I was safe with my 6-8am delivery. They showed up at 6.04am. Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person? Oh well, the delivery guys got a good laugh at my sleeping attire and bed head.

For those who want the play-by-play of a foodie on a liquid diet read on after the image.

Juice for Days 1-3

Here’s the rundown of my week:
A physical therapy appointment meant I had my first green juice around 10am at which point it was lukewarm. Note to self: luke warm cleanse juice – bad idea. Luke warm 1st juice of a cleanse – terrible idea. That said, I finished 3/4 of the bottle though parsley may be off-limits to me after this cleanse!
Bottle #2 was pineapple based and I ended up having that for lunch around 1pm, it was tasty. Busy day at work so bottle #3 and my second green juice happened around 4.30pm and I was able to finish it! The fact that it was ice-cold helped a lot, taking small sips over the course of an hour also helped but I guess its growing on me.
I had a class in the evening which ran late so bottle #4 aka the spicy lemonade was consumed at 8.30pm, it was tasty like a lemonade version of a michelada.
It was 10pm by the time I got home and I had completely forgotten I had 2 more juices to go that day so they got shelved for later in the week.

Now, let’s be clear I’m not the type of person who “forgets to eat” but I think the rush of the day and the warmth of the evening  just helped lull my hunger… until midnight when I munched on a piece of mozzarella.  Regardless, just barely tipping the balance of 600 calories for one day was not the plan nor is it recommended by any sane person.

Based on my Monday learnings I set myself up on a “feeding” schedule.
Bottle #1 at 7am, went down smoothly and this time I packed juices 2-5 to take to work as I had a cooking class after work and it was more than likely #6 would be replaced by class output. Bottle #2 at 10am, yay for pineapple. Bottle #3 at 12.30pm still green, bottle #4 at 2.30, this would be good in a martini… I also slipped a few boysenberries during a meeting because they looked so damn good and I was graving something chewable. Bottle #5 at 5.30pm, this was my first taste of the beets and apples combo, not a favorite but doable and yes I took a quick peek in the mirror at my red tongue!
The cooking class was all a how-to on Chinese dumplings so cashew milk never stood a chance and I ate a few dumplings for dinner. Though I exercised restraint which translated into me making more than my share of dumplings and mastering the folding technique while my fellow students munched away.

Bottle #1 at 7am and going strong. I only took bottles 2, 4, 5 since I was meant to have lunch with a former boss. I had bottle #2 and then she cancelled lunch so instead I had a banana and a third of a roasted veggie sandwich from a meeting platter. Yeah, I work in fashion, the sandwiches come in halves and sometimes in thirds, that’s just how we roll but don’t go thinking it’s about our figures, it’s about cost savings.
Bottle #4 was a snack followed by dinner with former colleagues. I had a glass of wine expecting I would just enjoy a light salad for dinner. The salad was one of the worst spring mix salads ever and the  overdone salmon filet was just sad, I barely ate half my dinner and was glad for that glass of wine. Juice #5 was forgotten at work.

Lunch with former boss was on. I juiced except for lunch. Lunch was an arugula and beet salad so like a chewable version of the green and beet juices. I worked late so I had the beet juice from Wednesday instead of the cashew milk that was waiting for me at home.

If you’ve been keeping track, I have yet to drink a single cashew milk juice… they are piling up in my fridge and slowly turning to sludge…

Friday – last official day of my cleanse:
I had a comp day from work so the plan was to juice all day. I biked to my PT appointment and back (15 miles roundtrip) and then had a sports massage and errands to run in South Park Slope so I all in all I covered about 20 miles throughout the day and couldn’t fathom juice for dinner, the beet and the cashew juices got beat out by a tortilla encrusted tilapia fish taco. It was so worth it.


The Verdict:
Though I didn’t strictly play by the rules, surprisingly I did enjoy the experience.  Over the course of the week I had one glass of wine, no caffeine and not a single cashew milk. What can I say except I like my nuts to have some crunch.

By the end of the week I felt “clearer” in that the bloat & sluggishness were gone and I was 9 pounds lighter. That said, I know that as soon as I start eating more than one super light meal a day some of that weight will comeback but now salads are once again a tad more appealing to me. Bottom line I would recommend the cleanse if you wanted to “reset” your eating habits but not to lose weight.

Oh and I know you’re wondering what became of the leftover juices… Well, with the exception of the cashew milk, the others were consumed as either breakfast or dinner on Saturday, rest assured I made an amazing brunch on Saturday which I’ll cover in a future post.

As for the cashew milk, let’s just say I may or may not have fed it the neighbor’s cat?


One thought on “Cleansing… sort of

  1. awesome 😉 Thanks for sending me the link to this post, and I’m glad to see someone using it the way I want to. I need a reset button for sure!

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