Rush hour at the laundromat

There are many advantages to living in NYC, not being able to do your own laundry in your apartment is definitely not one of them. Granted, there are those lucky few who have laundry in their apartment or even in their building, unfortunately that’s not my case. I could just send my laundry out but I tried that for a while only to find that the wear and tear on my clothes was too much. So instead I head to the local laundromat and do it myself.

I can’t really complain, the nearest laundromat is across the street, or was until they had a fire and its now been over 3 months of them being out of commission. So these days I have to schlep my laundry bag a couple of blocks to the next nearest laundromat.

I choose not to use one of those “granny carts” – it’d just be one more thing to have to find a place to store in my limited closet space – instead I carry my laundry bag, using it as an opportunity for an upper body workout. Try lugging 20-30lbs of washing 2 blocks and just see what it does for your arms.

My new laundromat is open 24 hours/365 days (see, NYC perk) and has over 100 machines so at least I can do my laundry at any time of the day and it is rarely super busy. Except for today, when I headed over around 6pm to throw in a few loads only to find the place was humming. It was like everyone had the same brilliant idea and all of a sudden it was “rush hour” laundry time.
There were still a few machines free so I got in and out pretty quick and passed the downtime people watching.

There was the guy who rode up on his bicycle with his laundry in a garbage bag tied to the back. The couple with their two small suitcase of clothes – one with whites, one with darks. The woman with her granny cart lined with a laundry bag, the ultimate mobile laundry basket. The guy who pulled up in his car and unloaded the trunk of his piles of laundry…

All sorts of people, all sorts of clothing carrying systems. All having left the ultimate weekend chore to the very end of weekend.




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