Posted in September 2012

Oysters and Beer

It’s New York Oyster Week! Why am I so excited? Well not only are oysters one of my favorite shellfish, I mean what’s not to love: an excellent source of zinc, iron, calcium, vitamins A and B12, low in calories, varied in flavor and texture not to mention that when eaten raw on the half … Continue reading



Pet peeves. We all have them. They don’t even necessarily make sense when you attempt to explain them to others but they exist. Apologies if this post seems like a rant but I need to share. One of my biggest is people who talk on their cell phones while completing a transaction in a store. … Continue reading

Dirty Friday

After a week of ups and downs this is how I wrapped up the week. It was just what I needed along with a night of crappy rom-com movies. I am really looking forward to getting out of town this weekend, though I should probably get some shut eye since we leave in 6 hours… … Continue reading

My pantry is not vegan

As a runner I eat my fair share of bananas. Easily one-a-day but there are those days when I forget to grab one as I leave my apartment and so at some point in the week I end up with a bunch of overripe bananas. I have frozen them and never made a smoothie with … Continue reading

Let’s not have a meeting

Everyone hates meetings. Everyone hates those long meetings where there are way more people than needed and there is very little decision making going on. There is definitely an inverse ratio of number of meeting attendees to decision making. Why do we subject ourselves to such meetings?

Exes and Ohs

Eight million people live in New York City. So one would think that the odds of running into people you know would be pretty slim, right? Wrong. I bump into people I know all the time and not because I am always going to the same places. Quite the contrary. Over the past few months … Continue reading

Busy or not…

Ask most New Yorkers how they are and you generally get the age old “I’ve been so busy.” It’s like if we are not all rushing around all the time we are failing. Well here’s my dirty little secret: I relish my down time. On occasion I will even go so far as to tell … Continue reading

Pressing on. Never forgetting.

I wrestled long and hard about today’s post. It’s September 11, 2012. Eleven years have passed and yet the day remains quite clear in my mind. As a New Yorker and one who was here before-during-after, I wrestle with it all. The right way to answer people’s (to me) prying questions, seeing tourists scooping up … Continue reading

How cool is that?

At a friend’s place tonight I remarked that the whoever invented mini hair claw clips must get a kick out of their secondary usage as orchid stem holders. Or maybe hair claws are the secondary use for orchid clips? Either way, the multiple uses for some products fascinates me: – Baking soda as teeth whitener, … Continue reading

Sights of New York

I woke up this morning not feeling so great but managed to rally and go for a run as I’ve found the mantra “Never regret going for a run” generally lives up to expectation. Today was no different. After yesterday’s tornadoes and rain storms, the skies were a gorgeous blue with big white fluffy clouds … Continue reading