How cool is that?

At a friend’s place tonight I remarked that the whoever invented mini hair claw clips must get a kick out of their secondary usage as orchid stem holders. Or maybe hair claws are the secondary use for orchid clips?

Either way, the multiple uses for some products fascinates me:

– Baking soda as teeth whitener, baking aid, fridge freshener
– Vinegar as condiment, disinfectant, aid in perfect poached eggs
– Ball point pen as writing utensil, MacGyver surgical instrument, hair pin
– Duct tape as sealant, wallet, divide marker, hem seal, shower curtain holder
– Ziploc bag as baker’s piping bag, runner’s wallet, sous vide bag, plastic glove

The list of items and uses goes on and every time I see something out of its “usual use” I can’t help but stop to ponder: who thought of that?

Feel free to add your own “secondary use” for items in the comments.


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