Sights of New York

I woke up this morning not feeling so great but managed to rally and go for a run as I’ve found the mantra “Never regret going for a run” generally lives up to expectation.

Today was no different. After yesterday’s tornadoes and rain storms, the skies were a gorgeous blue with big white fluffy clouds and cool temps. In addition to the perfect weather, there is the given beauty of running in NYC owing to the diversity of moments of life that can be witnessed on any given run.

Just a few of my encounters from today:

– The United nations of grilling: clusters of Dominicans, Jamaicans, Indians and even a few French and their respective culinary odors wafting by

– A couple taking photos on their wedding day along the recreational path and smiling a little more as random passersby shouted out “congratulations”

– Runners dodging a very wobbly kid learning to ride his bike without training wheels

– The sax player belting out some smooth tunes on a Sunday

– The italian ice vendors wheeling their carts around the park with their bells tinkling

– The drum circle, their rythms pacing my feet

Oh, and as I arrived home a man hanging upside down from the crossing lights on my street corner. I think he lost a bet on football.


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