Pet peeves. We all have them. They don’t even necessarily make sense when you attempt to explain them to others but they exist. Apologies if this post seems like a rant but I need to share.

One of my biggest is people who talk on their cell phones while completing a transaction in a store. Here’s the deal: if you are asking another human being to do something for you be considerate and stop talking on your phone. Acknowledge you are already interacting with someone. Put the phone aside, complete the transaction, then step away to resume your conversation. It’s just common courtesy.

Here are few of others of mine:

  • Use your words. “Excuse me”, “Sorry”, “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Thank you”. These are all-powerful statements. Use them instead of glaring and you will be pleasantly surprised how effective they are.
  • Loudly chewing gum. I’m talking about that loud mouth open smacking style. Much like people who eat with their mouths open, I’d rather not share the sound/visual effects of your experience. Kindly,  chew with your mouth closed.
  • Stepping on to escalators or people-movers and… stopping. These devices were invented with the intent of moving large numbers of people quickly, they are not amusement park rides, step on and keep moving. If you must “ride” them or are in no rush to anywhere, please step to the right so the rest of us can keep going.
  • Listening to your music so loudly on your headphones that I can hear it quite clearly… three feet away.  Music is a personal choice, must you forcefully subject the rest of us to yours? Fine, nevermind the rest of us, do you really want to go deaf?
  • Asking the same question over and over expecting a different answer. I don’t know about you but my answers don’t vary based on the number of times you ask me.
  • Pop-up ads that overtake my entire screen (especially on my phone) and that I can’t quickly close. Dear advertiser, that pisses me off. I will not check out your product just to spite you. (yeah, I know, I work in marketing…)
  • Burping or belching and not saying “excuse me”. It’s not a pretty sound even if you can’t help yourself, acknowledge it, use your words!
  • Reaching the top of a staircase and… stopping. Remember that there is a strong possibility that people are coming up the stairs right behind you. Be considerate and take a few steps forward before stopping to get your bearings otherwise expect a human pile up.
  • Salting food without even tasting it first. Give the chef some credit. Taste your food then if you must, add salt.
  • Not removing that “X” stitch on a jacket/coat, dress, or pencil skirt that has a back slit. In case you were wondering… you are supposed to REMOVE it!! It is there just for packing and shipping purposes. Same goes for the brand label tacked to your coat sleeve. Remove it.
  • Men who sit with their legs spread wide notably in small spaces such as on the subway. Seriously?!? You cannot be that well endowed that it prohibits you from closing your legs.

I’m sure I’m not alone on these.

What are your pet peeves?



2 thoughts on “Peeves

  1. At work where people leave less than a quarter inch of coffee in the pot, but don’t turn of the warmer resulting in burnt coffee. Related: people who leave a smidge of milk left and put it back in the fridge.

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