I’m pretty fly! Another beach reached #rtbrelay

Saturday, sometime after 3pm, Team Got Lost completed the 1st running of Reach the Beach New Jersey in 29:50:10. We were one of 35 teams to cross the finish line.

RTB NJ is the smallest in terms of number of teams running as RTB MA has close to 200 and RTB NH over 450 teams participating. That said, this RTB even at its infant stage was superbly run. Chatting with the RTB staff about everything they had worked on, ideas they have for next year and just getting to feel part of a community that loves to run was amazing. I know RTB NJ is going to blow up once word gets out about how awesome running around the countryside of NJ in the fall actually is!

Here are just a few things I took away from this weekend about New Jersey:

1. New Jersey has mountains and epic hills. Next year, we’re filming leg 14 since describing it as a “roller coaster ride that only goes up” still does not do it justice.
2. New Jersey has miles and miles of green pastures. We passed mostly horse farms, along with a few signs for chickens at play and turtle crossings.
3. New Jersey has road kill. Lots of it. Possums don’t just play dead in NJ. Skunks, squirrels and deer cross the road at their own peril.
4. New Jersey has red barns. Painted that color as it was the cheapest back in the day.
5. New Jersey has single lane bridges. Single lane bridges with two-way traffic.

Not directly related to New Jersey but things I also learnt this weekend:

1. I really love driving a 15 passenger van.
2. Shit coffee once is bad enough. Shit coffee twice is torture. Next time I’m bringing a thermos of my own coffee. Dunkin donuts & Starbucks were not my friends this weekend.
3. Take5 bars are the king of candy. I am converting one runner at a time to this perfect bite of recovery fuel: chocolate, peanuts, caramel, pretzels, peanut butter.
4. Homemade banana bread is a new team tradition and I’m getting better at making it.
5. Compassion is driving a van the length of a parking lot to the porta potty for a fellow runner.
6. I sing loud and off-key and so do most of my teammates.  No one cares.
7. Dancing through a relay transition is the only way to go.
8. Bring the first aid kit. You will need it.
9. Always pack a pair of long sweatpants.
10. Malarkey is a great word.

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