Welcome to the neighborhood #drinklocal

When a new business opens in the neighborhood I make a point of going. Not only because its important to welcome a new neighbor but also because it is a great way to see how the neighborhood demographics are shifting.

Last Thursday, Tooker Alley opened. It is a bar. My favorite kind of local establishment. I stopped in coming home from a double martini happy hour with Jill.

From what I could gather, they are a cocktail den inspired by the Dil Pickle Club (yes, one l) that inhabited Tooker Alley in Chi-town from 1915-1930. Their menu contains a lot of creative twists on classic cocktails as well as a lot of reading material.
They aspire to elevating community at low level thinking. Hello, new home!

The crowd was mostly thirty somethingsĀ  and on opening night it was humming and they were coping well.

The music was acoustic jazz. Hello.

The main bar seats about 16 people and the back wall is set up with bistro tables and a banquette that all in all can accommodate easily another 40 plus..

I ordered the Red Emma. Strawberry infused Pisco, m&r blanco. Spanish brandy. Verjus. Cucumber slices.

How was it? Delicious.

I went back on Saturday and had their version of a Manhattan. Smooth. So so smooth!

Drink local. It makes stumbling home so much easier.


Red Emma Deliciousness

As for the neighborhood demographics… who knew there were so many good looking men in my neighborhood! Now to figure out which ones are single!


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