Time delayed productivity: sleep is overrated

Maybe I live in the wrong timezone. Maybe I suffer from a rare form of time delayed productivity or just insomnia. Maybe it’s a side-effect of being a New Yorker…

Regardless, 9pm-3am are my most productive hours.

Out socially or even on late nights at work. I am a machine.

If you are one of the  few following this blog you may have noticed the time stamps of certain posts.

Tonight, I spent the evening trying to upload my first video for the purposes of the RTB NJ contest and wishing I knew more or just how to edit videos with fancy special effects.

Here’s the result of the night my video editing cherry got popped.

Reach the Beach NJ Team Got Lost Van Showcase

Now, I should probably just get some sleep


One thought on “Time delayed productivity: sleep is overrated

  1. HA! I vary in how productive I am at night. Some nights I just totally crash. Others I’m a mad woman, especially when J is traveling and I’m alone. Love the video 😉

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