Do not refigerate or how I survived Frankenstorm

I’ve been without a fridge for the last 9 days. Yes, those things do have an expiration date.

The first 3 days were also without an oven since when the fridge died it blew the oven’s fuses. After throwing out a ton of dairy/eggs and various perishables… there is only so much a single person household can eat… I resorted to cooking up a storm.  The cooking storm was amplified by the fact that last weekend, I’d raided the farmer’s market.

Let’s just say that this week my friend Danya’s shabbat night got a load of roasted veg… enhanced with a touch of sesame oil and srirarcha, and a side of kale chips! Danya also made an AMAZING challah bread.

After the perishables were gone and in preparation for Frankenstorm Sandy, I loaded up the cooler borrowed from a friend for RTB, with bags of ice and prepared for the storm… beer, baby carrots, hummus, a couple of peppers and some pre-cooked chicken sausages.
There are a lot of recipes you can make that do not need refrigeration, there are not so many recipes you can make that don’t result in leftovers that DO require refrigeration. That said where there’s a will there’s a way… or an apple pie… or chicken sausages over polenta with caramelized onions…

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Overall, I cannot complain. It’s been a food-challenging few days due to the lack of fridge but I have friends who lost a lot more due to that storm named Sandy. Namely a home.
As for me, I have Sandy to thank for a spotless apartment, reorganized closets and cocktail experiments such as my sriracha & lemon gin martini… also a few days off work. Though I am getting restless but let’s be clear: I am thankful for my luck, convinced we will recover quickly and in admiration of the support and strength New Yorkers show in trying times.




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