Motivation in its many forms

I woke up today, turned on the shower and just as I was about to step in under the jets my sleepy brain registered that the water was ice-cold. Uh oh.
I figured the building’s boiler had stopped during the night. A fact that was confirmed by the super’s note in the lobby:

No heat. No hot water. Boiler is broken. Call has been made.

It’s not the first time this has happened but I held onto the hope that it would be fixed during the day since the Weather Channel had announced temps in the 30’s with ice rain/snow.

Tonight the note was still there. My apartment is chilly and I still have no hot water.
I really wish I had a hot water bottle.

This also means I will now have to go to the gym to shower in the morning. That pains me as I am really not a morning person and though I know I’ve been slacking on my workouts this really wasn’t what I had in mind to motivate me to get back to it.

Oh and tonight I bought a hot water bottle on Amazon.


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