A commuter’s need or right?

Walking through Penn Station many of the commuters whether coming or going had beers from or for their train ride home to Long Island.

For reasons unknown (to me), the MTA allows consumption of alcohol on the LIRR but not on the Subway.

They operate both services and both are in subject to NY’s open container laws. So what gives?

Is their logic based on length of commute?
Higher fare prices on the LIRR?
A form of compensation for living in the suburbs where bars aren’t on nearly every corner?
If the deciding factor is public safety then what should be made of all those commuters who for the most part drive to/from the train station?

Not saying we need to start drinking on the subway. Though there are some nights when coming home from a long day I would love an ice cold one on the ride home to Brooklyn. Especially when that train stops in the tunnel for no reason.


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