Getting what you asked for vs what you want

When it comes to my bikini line, I wax. I have been doing it for years so it’s never really painful and I find the maintenance super easy. Sometimes I do it myself but last week I opted for a little pampering time so I went to my favorite salon.

When asked what I wanted, I told the beautician, Meet, that I just wanted to keep a little strip, like a patch of a bikini area. [side note: the full deal makes me feel like a prebuscent girl, not sexy.]

Meet was great. She had a quick and efficient technique and was mindful of the temperature of the wax. I tend to chat through the experience to distract from the awkwardness so as we were gabbing away about kids, boyfriends and life I wasn’t really paying attention until she announced “all done, take a look”.

As I sat up and peered down I realized that she had taken my request quite literally. Where normally I’d have a narrow landing strip was now quite literally a patch and it was barely larger than a postage stamp…

I was flustered so she immediately sensed my surprise but since I didn’t want to go completely bare there wasn’t much she could do.

I laughed it off since afterall I had said “keep a little patch”.


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