11.00pm Sunday. The good life

This Christmas is the first time in close on 10 years that my immediate family will be around the same table on Christmas Day. My parents live in the eastern suburbs of Paris.

I arrived on Thursday and have been staying with my parents. While as my brother arrived on Saturday from Hong Kong and he and his family rented an apartment thru AirBnB in the 16th arrondissement since her family lives in central Paris.

Today I spent the afternoon with my brother and his family as I wanted more than just Christmas Day face time.

It was a great afternoon. My parents drove in so I got to see them interact with both my 3 year old niece, Sofia, and my 3 month old nephew, Ciaran.

I’d seen Sofia back in March in Hong Kong and since then I’m told (and noticed) she has become more stubborn, is working on the concept of sharing and though she won’t admit it to me, loves the chef outfit I got her for her birthday and wants to become a chef.

As for my nephew, it was my first time meeting Ciaran. He’s a mellow little dude with a quick smile. The kind of kid who spends his time observing everything then throws you a look and a smile so you know you are in on the same joke.

In addition to family time, friends of theirs from Mumbai stopped in with their two kids to say hello en route from Germany to her family in Sevres. All the kids were overly excited and no one wanted to go bed so no one went down easily… other than my jet lagged brother.

Its 10.30pm and I’m chilling in a quiet and spacious living room with a glass of wine and the sounds of Paris just outside.

It’s a good life.


Paris by night


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