Posted in January 2013

Meetings: the ultimate time suck

Today we had a one of our quarterly hindsight meetings wherein each area prepares a deck and presents its findings about successes and misses for that period as well as initial recommendations for opportunities next time around. Done right they can be really informative and give you the basis for a great foundation for the following year. … Continue reading


Sleep no more

I went to bed at 3.45am this morning not because I was out partying but because I had so much shit to do! I had left work at 6pm to run errands and even took my laptop home to wrap up a couple of work projects. Today, I also left work at 6pm. This time … Continue reading

Out with the old

As early as December 26th and reaching a pinnacle in the days following January 1st, carcasses of Christmas trees start to appear on city sidewalks. Since most New Yorker’s live in apartment buildings this can often mean passing small mountains of discarded trees. Most have been thoroughly stripped though as I walk by I always find … Continue reading