Simple task or headache: folding a fitted sheet

It seems to be an emerging topic or at least one that is trending among my friends: how to fold a fitted sheet?

Recently when the topic came up one friend mentioned how she had Googled the proper method and then proceeded in attempting to explain said proper technique.
She lost me at about step four but I nodded politely while thinking “eh, it’s a fitted sheet.”

My love of ironing and freshly pressed sheets does extend to the fitted ones too. I do not stress about properly folding them since it’s not like I have a closet full of fitted sheets to store. Quite the contrary they tend to get laundered and put right back. Of course, I can manage to fold mine into a respectable rectangle but those pesky elastic corners are sometimes my downfall.

Today, a friend’s status was:

Looking for an adult education class that can teach me how to fold a fitted sheet.

To which a helpful friend posted in reply:

One does not simply fold a fitted sheet.

while yet another offered this:

video insight: a demo of how to fold a fitted-sheet

I do love that Martha’s copywriter described this as a “foolproof technique”…
tell that to the flustered lady from New Jersey!

Oh, and who knew that there are lefty and righty methods to folding a fitted sheet.

I for one will stick with Martha’s last piece of  advice:

Wash them, dry them and put them right back on the bed!

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