Sleep no more

I went to bed at 3.45am this morning not because I was out partying but because I had so much shit to do!
I had left work at 6pm to run errands and even took my laptop home to wrap up a couple of work projects.

Today, I also left work at 6pm. This time to attend a talk by Digital Dumbo on fashion ecommerce. I got home around 9pm and made dinner and worked on some personal projects.
I fly to Miami in the morning to coach Team Yachad at the marathon. A car is meant to pick me up in less than five hours at 3.30am… I have yet to pack.

So once again sleep is looking unlikely or at best will be a glorified nap.

I need help and by “help” I mean support staff. Someone who has time to run errands, make follow up calls and take care of all the little things in life that suck up my free time.


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