Casanova Cabbie

Cab drivers in NYC are known to be characters… Old or young, surly or sweet, talkative or quiet they’ve seen it all and sometimes when you’re willing to chat instead of bury your head in your phone they’ll make your ride so much more fun. I’ve gotten restaurant and movie recommendations from some, debated city politics with others and heard my fair share of famous passenger stories and the rules of lost & found… tonight, I got digits.

I left work just after midnight and hailed a cab. The driver was a short balding man in his fifties, quick to laugh and cursing up a storm. He was reluctant about heading to Brooklyn as there’s a lot of construction on the bridges (read: traffic was a nightmare) but we got chatting about life and somehow ended up pondering why I’m single.
Had I ever been proposed to? Had I met a soul mate and just let him go? Did I know why my past relationships hadn’t worked out? No, No and yeah, not getting into that.

Spiro was at first simply curious and wanting to share his insights. A 55 year-old bachelor who sums up life as “breathing, eating, fucking and sleeping – none of which require much effort”. He dislikes women of his age as they have too much baggage notably children, are often moody or drama queens and too set in their ways. He was in the Secret Service, a private driver, a limo driver… and his love for cars includes even his Crown Vic. Drag racing, his Corvettes and three Harley’s are his passions. He was pleasantly surprised that this year no one fought in his cab on Valentine’s day unlike last year when there were several including one woman who beat her date up with her roses… as he put it: such a waste of roses…

As I paid he passed me a piece of paper with both his home and cell numbers and told me to text him after 4 pm because “cabbies aren’t allowed to chat on the phone but there a plenty of red lights” and to make sure to contact him before July 6th when he leaves to spend his summer in Greece admiring the views on the beach.

I’m pretty sure he knows he won’t hear from me but it was still nice to get digits.


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