Simple Pleasures

I didn’t sleep well. I woke up late. Very late and desperately hoping it wasn’t a work day but alas it was.

As I walked out my door two words popped into my head: Penny House.

Despite being already insanely late for work my body found itself standing in front of the counter at Penny House Cafe. My brain was still in bed.

Omar greeted me and sensing my failing verbal skills kept conversation to a minimum.

“Hello my friend. What can I get you?”

The words just stumbled out:
“Croissant, two eggs soft scrambled and cheese. Large latte. Please. Thank you.”

In a matter of minutes I was on my way with my sandwich nestled in a brown paper bag and coffee in hand.

Seated on the subway I opened the package: soft flaky croissant, eggs soft hot and made gooey with cheese and the unspoken  but perfect amount of ground pepper.

Two stops later it was gone and I was armed and ready to face the world.


One thought on “Simple Pleasures

  1. that sounds delicious….. and isn’t it wonderful how something so simple can just change your morning?

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