An Eventful Saturday

Four years running the New York Shakespeare Exchange has hosted ShakesBEER. It is (to my knowledge) the only bard and beer crawl in NYC. Simply put, they act out a scene from different works by Shakespeare at four different bars with cast and audience intermingled.

The coolest part is that they don’t do it in the predictably classic format. The text remains the text but the actors wear what seem to be their street clothes and the acting is done in a more contemporary way and with an enthusiasm that brings the audience into the fray with the cast navigating a packed bar, perching on chairs or on the bar for better effect.

Today, I got caught in the fray… an actor tripped on a low solid wooden stool that fell and landed dead on the bridge of my foot. The pain was insane but I held back the tears and my curses as the show went on… Afterwards, we commiserated on what would surely be a nice bruise on his shin while I grabbed a big bag of ice from the bar and opted out of the next stop so as to ice my foot. 30 minutes later when I tried to stand I felt so light-headed that Camille and Cindy had me sit at a table and we ordered food. Both of which definitely helped.

I knew it wasn’t broken but I did fear I’d fractured it and wanted to get it x-rayed so when Cindy recommended CityMD citing their multiple locations and ability to register ahead online I jumped on it. Though as Cindy is known for her critical eye and extensive customer feedback, it was really a no-brainer.

Turns out CityMD deserves an award for pleasant and efficient medical treatment.

Camille, my human crutch and moral support all afternoon, had a stack of current magazines and a bowl of lollipops to enjoy while she waited for me. Everyone on staff was super nice, efficient and Dr.Liu actually took the time to explain what he was doing, what he was looking for and answered all my questions. Overall from walking in the door, the exam/x-ray and consultation I was in and out within what seemed like 30 minutes.

The good news:
No fracture, no break.  Mobile websites rock – especially if you forget your health insurance card. Walk-up apartments suck when you are  on crutches.

The bad news:
Diagnosis was “serious contusion”. I’m not allowed to put any weight on my right foot until the swelling goes down and its pain-free. Dr.Liu said 10 days to two weeks. In the meantime I’m sporting a wonderful pair of crutches, keeping it elevated, icing it and have the option to take ibuprofen if it gets too sore. Bikini-body ready workouts will have to wait.

The best news:
I have awesome friends who didn’t think twice about staying with me when I’m sure they had better plans. I did get to enjoy  some great Shakespeare for most of the afternoon.

For those in the NYC area the next ShakesBEER is on March 2nd. If you can go do. It’s fun.

My haul for the day: ShakesBEER cozy and new crutches

My haul for the day: ShakesBEER cozy and new crutches


One thought on “An Eventful Saturday

  1. OUCH. I am finally catching up on blog reading and was wondering how you landed on crutches. That is not fun but it is a good story.

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