Crutches: Day 4

Forgive the “woe, is me” post but my arms and shoulders are killing me. My left calf muscle, which I’d been doing rehab on for fatigue of the soleus muscle, throbs dully.  My exercise and diet plan for my friend’s wedding in 7 weeks has been derailed and I passed out at 8pm last night from the sheer exhaustion of the day.

As for my injured foot, well the swelling has gone down and tomorrow I am going to gingerly try  walking on it with aid from the crutches vs. the absolutely no weight strategy to date.

At this point its survival of the most stubborn body part.


4 thoughts on “Crutches: Day 4

  1. wait…what?!?!? sorry, I’ve been a bit pre-occupied (read: self absorbed) the past few days.. I saw something about crutches on some form of social media but thought it was a throw back, auuuugh! well, cocktails at your house made by me are in order.

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