Signs of Spring

It’s been a long yet short winter.
November and December were really mellow more like an extension of fall. True winter temps didn’t really kick in till January. January and February were predictably cold, rainy and snowy with a few random warm days. March is the unsure month: warm, sunny, rainy, snowy, cold, we’ve had it all.
I really don’t mind, soon enough the long hot days of summer will hit but I do get excited at the first signs of spring.

During the winter months the NYC Green Cart street vendors tend to disappear. These cheerful men and women and their fruit-laden carts disappear from our street corners, not because they can’t handle the cold weather but, I suspect because business slows to a standstill. Like me most people aren’t looking to buy fruit from a street cart in 30 degree temps. Unless of course they plan on making a smoothie.

Today as I left my place I had a yearning for a banana which made me wonder when the fruit guy on the corner of Washington Avenue and Eastern Parkway would return.

I headed toward the subway, planning on picking up my banana at the deli but low and behold there was my guy, installed on the corner with a beautiful spread of colorful fruit calling out “fruit, miss?”, “fruit, sir?”.

I was elated until I realized I had no cash on me. At this news he offered to let me pay him tomorrow – a generous offer though obviously it is in his best interest to off load the fruit today. After rummaging in my bag I found enough small change and bought two bananas for 80 cents.

Spring has arrived.


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