Equal Rights. It’s just so obvious.

I believe in equal rights. I believe that people don’t choose their sexuality. That much like the color of your eyes you’re stuck with whatever nature decided for you.

As for marriage, for me it has always been about the union of two people who love one another. Two people who are willing to make a (hopefully) lifelong commitment to one another. Two people. One love. Go ahead and mix or match the genders.

Yesterday the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case challenging California’s Proposition 8 that bans gay marriage in California. Today, the Court will hear arguments in a case regarding the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, also known as “DOMA”. In a nutshell they will decide who can marry who based on gender and what rights they are they afforded.

A lot has and is being written and discussed about this moment in time:

Scott Fujita, a football player wrote in the NY Times about acceptance and how he wants to be able to not have to explain to his kids why some parents love is deemed “less than” that of he and his wife.

President Clinton, the man who signed DOMA into law in 1996 wrote a piece in the Washington Post stating that It’s time to Overturn DOMA. That 17 years after signing the Act, he too believes the law is discriminatory and must be overturned.

And finally, my friend Michele wrote a superbly candid post on her blog, Dodging Acorns, Equal Rights – What it Means to Me.

As Michele so eloquently put it:

This is not about “gay marriage.” Just as Loving v. Virginia was not really about “interracial marriage.” It is about marriage, and the legal rights that come with being legally married, rights for the couple and the individuals as survivors, spouses, and citizens.  Those rights cannot, and should not, be restricted on such a discriminatory basis as who you choose to love.In the end, this is all about respect. Respect for one another as humans, as people.

An opinion I share fully.

So let us not forget that the beauty of humanity lies in that we are the product of evolution. We abhor the status quo. We look to improve ourselves. As President Clinton did, I too will borrow from President Abraham Lincoln:

“It is not ‘Can any of us imagine better?’ but ‘Can we all do better?’ ”.


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