Overheard on the Run

As I’m recovering from an injury, doc’s orders are to avoid hills and speed work while building up my mileage. The thought of doing 1 mile repeats along the flattest stretch of Prospect Park drive was not appealing so instead I opted for a two-ish mile loop that combines the western side of the park and a paved path from the ball fields to the great meadow.

It’s not a speedy route but it’s full of distractions since you’re sharing the path with people out for a casual stroll, dogs on the run as well as spectators from the softball fields and 5-a-side football/ultimate frisbee games. Exactly the environment I needed since I’m meant to focus on endurance and mileage not speed.

It also allows you to catch snippets of conversation as you pass by… there are some snippets that make me smile, some that make me cringe and some that make me want to turn around and run back to catch the rest of the conversation.

Like these:

“…this is the most interesting existentialist book I’ve…”

“…wanted to fart in my face…”

“…Daddy, Daaaaddy, Daaaaadyyy, wait for me…”

“…I’m open over here… I’m open… look! over here…”

“…he just keeps eating everything in sight, last night it was my shoes…”

“…don’t say that, you’ll find someone to fill her…”

“…is this the end, we can only go if this is the end…”


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