It was a blurr

Hard to believe its been over a month since I last blogged but it has. Apologies to any regular readers.
Life just sort of took over [ie: work] and having resolved to go to bed earlier / not start new tasks after 11pm meant my blogging took a hit.

So this is what happened…

I thought April would be a quiet month at work. April is generally a lull period between shoots but due to some fun new projects my company is working on that I get to play a role in, the days rapidly became hectic and the ripple effect was quite impressive.

Expecting a lull, I started taking pottery classes. I say started as it was a 5 week class that met Monday nights at 6pm for three hours. I had picked Mondays as they are generally my least busy days…

I made it to the first and the third class. I can only assume that my attempt at a bowl-like container went the way of the trash at the Greenwich Pottery House.


April was not entirely a lost cause. A very good friend got married towards the end of the month. So part of my focus leading up to her big day was trying to figure out what to wear. I refuse to wear black to weddings. I like color and prints.
[if I ever get married: black will be banned, except maybe for the men as who doesn’t love a man in a tux… okay, I digress]

Being a shoe lover I found the perfect shoes (cognac leather heel, snake embossed double toe strap with metallic yellow piping, aqua green suede toe-bed] and after a long search the dress was care of Calvin Klein. For the record, they were both on sale and since I ended up splitting a suite with a friend it all added up as savings…. right? Now that’s retail math for you!

The wedding was on Cape Cod so I drove up with a couple of friends. We laughed, we sang and I nearly peed my pants when we got pulled over for speeding. [sidebar: we got let off with a verbal warning but I will be getting a NYS driver license in the near future]. We recovered from our emotional day over a “small” lobster roll a the Raw Bar and many drinks back after dinner at the guest hospitality suite (the groom’s genius add-on).

Of course, the actual wedding was a ton of fun because the couple made it so and because nearly all my girlfriends were present so we danced the night away wearing mustaches and were active partakers of the photo booth.
The next day the collective hangover was not helped by the news that Massachusetts enforces blue laws. [???]. The day was saved when, while chatting with a cousin of the groom, who also happens to be a priest, I found enlightenment:

the hotel bartender could make Virgin Marys


the guest-run hospitality suite still had vodka

= I am a genius

Other than a quest for a burger in Connecticut, the ride home (with my friend Camille now driving) was uneventful.


April wrapped itself up and May approached.

My friends Libby & Sarah had come from San Francisco and London respectively, for the wedding, but stayed for the week after in NYC  so though work took over most of the week, that Friday we tackled happy hour with gusto! Saturday I was (meant to be) bound for Philly. I had bailed on the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Run due to injury. The plan was to run the Broad Street 10 miler instead. despite having booked a train ticket to Philly, I bailed due to a combination of calf and shoulder injury and let’s be honest a hangover. It would have been perfect if it was a 10 mile zombie-run. Instead I spent Saturday with old and new friends watching the Derby and hopping from new to old bars and from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back until the wee hours.

In hindsight pulling my shoulder and not running on that Sunday was probably a good thing. Sunday my appendix decided to remind me it existed and it did not want to turn 35. Tune in for more on that life-adventure in my next post.








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