Urban Math Skills

My friends live near me but we don’t all use the same subway stop. When we need to meet up to go somewhere together we’ll often agree to meet on a train.

We agree on a time to meet at a specific stop, each person figuring out what that means for their departure from their stop.

It’s like that middle school math problem: the one about trains leaving and when they’ll cross paths…

Calculate correctly and a head pops out a door or you spot the arriving person waving as the train pulls in and its a seamless meet up.
Miscalculation means you have to get off the train and wait.

Masters of this game know to also factor in that outlier element: your friends tendency to always be late.

I like to be the one on the incoming train because I’m guilty of always running late and because I make a game of guessing how quickly I’ll spot my friend.


2 thoughts on “Urban Math Skills

  1. haha this is so true! I have spent significant time figuring out the most logical stop to meet at for events in the city. Love it 😉

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