Still Pouring

It’s been raining non stop for well over 24 hours.

Last night around 9PM it was just spitting. Overnight it transitioned into just plain old rain and it didn’t let up all day, it actually rained harder and harder. By the time I left work, around seven, it was in full-on downpour mode. Of course, I had to run an errand and as I walked down Broadway, surrounded by fellow pedestrians soaked despite their umbrellas, all I could think was: where is this all coming from and when will it stop?!?

At close to midnight, I’m sitting on my couch with the windows ajar listening to the waterfalls that have become my neighbor’s broken gutters accompanied by the big drops that randomly land on my window A/C units. If rainfall has a soothing rhythm to it, rain drips are the rebel percussionists while as the City’s emergency flash flood warning messages are like very bad thrash metal bands at sound check.

The opening lyrics of this Creedence Clearwater Revival song seemed only appropriate tonight… while I sip on my dirty martini.


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