Clean up on the Q

On the subway the other morning I dropped my iced coffee. It did that flippity flip thing where for a brief second I thought it would land right side up. No dice.

16oz of coffee and iced spilled all over the place. Luckily no one was hit by the splatter but rivers of coffee formed as the train lurched along. I reached into my purse and grabbed the few napkins and tissues in my possession in a feeble attempt to block the coffee flowing down the subway car. Kleenex is not Bounty.

Things were not looking good but just when I thought my attempts would all be in vain the lady seated beside me tapped me on the shoulder and handed me an actual paper towel! Then another person passed me a wad of napkins and soon enough everyone was reaching into their bags and passing along whatever tissues and napkins they could spare. While others dropped their contributions on the floor to stem the flow. Soon enough there was just a wet spot where the lake of coffee had been. Once I stashed all the dirty napkins in the empty cup, I sat back in my seat. Mission accomplished.

Then a woman across from me leaned forward with a little bottle of hand sanitizer: here, you’ll need some of this.

Two stops later as I got off the train I couldn’t help but smile: the floor was nearly dry and you would never have known what had happened but for New Yorkers breaking the “no eye contact” rule it would still have been a sticky wet mess.


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