Dads with Superpowers

Overheard on the subway this morning as a man rushed into our carriage carrying his daughter:

Daddy, you’re even stronger than a real hero!

I couldn’t help but smile.

This weekend my Dad orchestrated a surprise family phone call. Yeah, that may not sound like a big deal except that due to the time difference between NYC and Hong Kong my brother and I tend to just exchange emails, a phone call is rare and Skype is terribly tricky with toddlers. My parents live in Paris, easier for both us kids to call or visit but still tricky. The different halves tend to talk on Sundays.

And so Sunday, lying in bed I heard my phone ring and naturally assumed it was just the regular parental update. As soon as I picked up my Dad announced quite mischievously he had a surprise and passed the phone… I heard a familiar hello at the end of the line…

Turns out Paris was a stopover on my brother’s business trip. We chatted a while, then the phone got passed along to my Mum and finally back to my Dad. I could tell he was proud of his surprise and it made me smile.

Touched by the small gesture that was just what I needed. How did he know that I had woken missing them all?



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