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I Need an App for That

About three years ago I turned off cable and switched to watching TV via streaming channels only. To make it more enjoyable I bought a Roku player that enables me to watch my shows on an actual TV instead of my laptop. To watch my favorite shows without having to scour the internet: I subscribe … Continue reading

Ripple Effect

Dear Client. Indecision and endless revisions are the root causes of the lack of progress and mounting frustration you are experiencing. The fix is simple but you’re not going to like it. Sincerely, The Process Manager  

Community spirit or why those who can do

During hurricane Sandy my lights flickered. I stayed up all night nervous about the howling winds and due to unrelated circumstances lived out of a cooler. In the days that followed, I had limited subway options but overall within 5 days my life resumed its normalcy. That was and is still not the case for … Continue reading

Yearning to vote

I arrived in the US in July 1998 and I just got my green card in March 2012. For those keeping track, that’s 14 years. Most Americans think that green card holders are allowed to vote. Wrong. Only American citizens get that right. I do however like many other Americans pay taxes. I am subject … Continue reading

Let’s not have a meeting

Everyone hates meetings. Everyone hates those long meetings where there are way more people than needed and there is very little decision making going on. There is definitely an inverse ratio of number of meeting attendees to decision making. Why do we subject ourselves to such meetings?

Busy or not…

Ask most New Yorkers how they are and you generally get the age old “I’ve been so busy.” It’s like if we are not all rushing around all the time we are failing. Well here’s my dirty little secret: I relish my down time. On occasion I will even go so far as to tell … Continue reading

Pressing on. Never forgetting.

I wrestled long and hard about today’s post. It’s September 11, 2012. Eleven years have passed and yet the day remains quite clear in my mind. As a New Yorker and one who was here before-during-after, I wrestle with it all. The right way to answer people’s (to me) prying questions, seeing tourists scooping up … Continue reading

How cool is that?

At a friend’s place tonight I remarked that the whoever invented mini hair claw clips must get a kick out of their secondary usage as orchid stem holders. Or maybe hair claws are the secondary use for orchid clips? Either way, the multiple uses for some products fascinates me: – Baking soda as teeth whitener, … Continue reading

Connecting the dots

A couple of months ago a friend mentioned she’d started blogging and was using Seinfeld’s productivity tip of “don’t break the chain” to help her create a writing habit. It’s simple – every year, in January, Seinfeld hangs a large year-at-a-glance calendar on his wall and for each day he writes he  “X”s over that day. … Continue reading