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Let’s not have a meeting

Everyone hates meetings. Everyone hates those long meetings where there are way more people than needed and there is very little decision making going on. There is definitely an inverse ratio of number of meeting attendees to decision making. Why do we subject ourselves to such meetings?

Busy or not…

Ask most New Yorkers how they are and you generally get the age old “I’ve been so busy.” It’s like if we are not all rushing around all the time we are failing. Well here’s my dirty little secret: I relish my down time. On occasion I will even go so far as to tell … Continue reading

Pressing on. Never forgetting.

I wrestled long and hard about today’s post. It’s September 11, 2012. Eleven years have passed and yet the day remains quite clear in my mind. As a New Yorker and one who was here before-during-after, I wrestle with it all. The right way to answer people’s (to me) prying questions, seeing tourists scooping up … Continue reading

This Friday night

I spent my Friday night with my best friend and her daughter and it was awesome. Getting to catch up with my bestie, enjoy play-do popcorn and watch her daughter feed ‘Robot’ as she’s taken to calling their cat was just what I needed after a long work week. We enjoyed a bottle of wine … Continue reading

Smoked out tourists

Saturday, a couple of friends and I went on a tall ship cruise in NYC’s harbor. We did the Craft Beer Sail with The Clipper City and over the course of 1.5 hours we tasted six beers in 4oz pours and got to sail up close to the Statue of Liberty and along the west … Continue reading

Hidden Treasures

From the thawing ice banks of Brooklyn emerge bicycles, dog poo, bags of recycables and Christmas trees. A frozen record of urban life.