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This Friday night

I spent my Friday night with my best friend and her daughter and it was awesome. Getting to catch up with my bestie, enjoy play-do popcorn and watch her daughter feed ‘Robot’ as she’s taken to calling their cat was just what I needed after a long work week. We enjoyed a bottle of wine … Continue reading

Your clothes, your choice.

I confess. I like ironing. I iron in front of the TV, often with cup of tea or a glass of wine nearby. The simple back and forth motion of the iron as it erases creases, the whoosh of steam from the vents, working my way through a pile and watching it transform into neat little … Continue reading

Smoked out tourists

Saturday, a couple of friends and I went on a tall ship cruise in NYC’s harbor. We did the Craft Beer Sail with The Clipper City and over the course of 1.5 hours we tasted six beers in 4oz pours and got to sail up close to the Statue of Liberty and along the west … Continue reading

Exits and intakes

Last night I had the best of intentions to blog when I got home but then I stopped by two going away parties for coworkers. Let’s just say that a long work day and four cocktails do not a blog post make. So here I am Friday, minutes before midnight… and in much the same … Continue reading

Death defines us

Walking through the cemetery I noticed the inscriptions on the headstones – devoted son, father and grandfather. Precious only child , beloved wife and mother. sister. wife. mother. In death, we are not defined by what we did ot who we were but by what we meant to others. How well we loved and were … Continue reading

Hidden Treasures

From the thawing ice banks of Brooklyn emerge bicycles, dog poo, bags of recycables and Christmas trees. A frozen record of urban life.