A commuter’s need or right?

Walking through Penn Station many of the commuters whether coming or going had beers from or for their train ride home to Long Island. For reasons unknown (to me), the MTA allows consumption of alcohol on the LIRR but not on the Subway. They operate both services and both are in subject to NY’s open … Continue reading


Miracle Martini

We shoot our spring line next week so today was the final outfit review.  Normally that means tweaking and accessorizing looks but Hurricane Sandy delayed all our samples so it was really our first real sample review.  It was a really long yet productive day as by some miracle we picked over 35 outfits and … Continue reading

Motivation in its many forms

I woke up today, turned on the shower and just as I was about to step in under the jets my sleepy brain registered that the water was ice-cold. Uh oh. I figured the building’s boiler had stopped during the night. A fact that was confirmed by the super’s note in the lobby: “No heat. No … Continue reading

Ripple Effect

Dear Client. Indecision and endless revisions are the root causes of the lack of progress and mounting frustration you are experiencing. The fix is simple but you’re not going to like it. Sincerely, The Process Manager  

Wine Tasting Notes.

Wine tastings. Probably one of my favorite activities. I enjoy the diversity of the offerings, getting to try new wines and sometimes even extraordinary ones. Some people are intimidated by tastings they get overwhelmed by the whole process and by what they perceive as pomp & ceremony. Here’s the simple truth: tasting events are about figuring out if … Continue reading

Tuesday treats & chores

This was my Tuesday night. A much welcomed mellow wrap up to a frustrating day at work. Part 1: Catch up with Jill and Rebecca at Bar(n) with a martini (okay, I had two!) Part 2: Laundry. I am a busy girl this week. A busy girl who is relieved she lives near a 24-hour … Continue reading

Community spirit or why those who can do

During hurricane Sandy my lights flickered. I stayed up all night nervous about the howling winds and due to unrelated circumstances lived out of a cooler. In the days that followed, I had limited subway options but overall within 5 days my life resumed its normalcy. That was and is still not the case for … Continue reading

Yearning to vote

I arrived in the US in July 1998 and I just got my green card in March 2012. For those keeping track, that’s 14 years. Most Americans think that green card holders are allowed to vote. Wrong. Only American citizens get that right. I do however like many other Americans pay taxes. I am subject … Continue reading