Time delayed productivity: sleep is overrated

Maybe I live in the wrong timezone. Maybe I suffer from a rare form of time delayed productivity or just insomnia. Maybe it’s a side-effect of being a New Yorker… Regardless, 9pm-3am are my most productive hours. Out socially or even on late nights at work. I am a machine. If you are one of the  … Continue reading

Welcome to the neighborhood #drinklocal

When a new business opens in the neighborhood I make a point of going. Not only because its important to welcome a new neighbor but also because it is a great way to see how the neighborhood demographics are shifting. Last Thursday, Tooker Alley opened. It is a bar. My favorite kind of local establishment. … Continue reading

Camping or a scenic night at the ER

It’s become a near yearly tradition, one weekend each fall me and a few friends head out to the country to camp. We find a place within a couple of hours drive from NYC, generally somewhere in the Catskills , load up an SUV and head into the woods. This year we picked Mongaup Pond … Continue reading

Running Reach the Beach #rtbrelay

I run relay races. The kind where 12 runners cover 200 miles in 24 hours, or in my team’s case more like 30-ish. I’ve done Ragnar but my hands-down favorite is the Reach the Beach series not only because we start at a mountain and run to the beach but also the organizers are awesome people … Continue reading

Dinner for one but not alone

Ever think what it must be like to be watched all through your work day? That’s what working at a station in an open counter restaurant must be like. I assume. You are not observed by peers but by patrons. People who pass comment and observe your every move. If they are like me they want to see … Continue reading

Pizza Lunch

Grabbed a slice of pizza for dinner tonight. Nothing amazing but it made me think of an exhibition I saw this past summer at the main branch of the New York Public Library called Lunch Hour.

My cells went basal

After an unfortunate brush with Mother Nature while camping, I went to visit my dermatologist and decided to have him also check two marks on my back. They are in a hard to reach spot that my sports bra chafes so I just figured they were chafing marks. Wrong. He took one look at them … Continue reading

Big kid playtime

This is what happened when when I was left alone while my friend put her 3 year old to bed. There was also some coloring involved. Guess what it is!?!