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Winter Comfortfood: Poached Eggs & Roasted Vegetable Rice Bowl

Winter Comfortfood: Poached Eggs & Roasted Vegetable Rice Bowl

It’s bitterly cold in NYC so other than wishing I was a bear that could sleep till spring,  I’ve been craving simple rich flavors – like a really great poached egg. Since I had some leftover brown rice from earlier in the week, I decided I’d use that as a base along with roasted parsnips and cherry tomatoes to … Continue reading


My favorite salted chocolate chip cookie

My favorite salted chocolate chip cookie

Earlier this week as NYC braced itself for a historic blizzard I decided to use the downtime to bake. I had fond memories from last summer of Brooklyn bakery Ovenly’s near infamous salted chocolate chip cookie that totally hit the perfect balance of salty-sweet and moist at its center. [Sidenote: I had immediately regretted buying only the one cookie while my … Continue reading

Simple Pleasures

I didn’t sleep well. I woke up late. Very late and desperately hoping it wasn’t a work day but alas it was. As I walked out my door two words popped into my head: Penny House. Despite being already insanely late for work my body found itself standing in front of the counter at Penny … Continue reading

A Tasty Lazy Sunday

Sometimes you want something really tasty but with a little less effort than usual so when that happens, or I’m crunched for time, I cheat by using store-bought bases to which I add a little personal touch. Today was one of those days. Brunch, was two 3-minute poached eggs on a toasted english muffin that I’d spread … Continue reading

My pantry is not vegan

As a runner I eat my fair share of bananas. Easily one-a-day but there are those days when I forget to grab one as I leave my apartment and so at some point in the week I end up with a bunch of overripe bananas. I have frozen them and never made a smoothie with … Continue reading

Pleat night or the art of making dumplings

Cliff notes from another Skillshare class, this time making Chinese dumplings with Cathy Erway, author of “The Art of Eating In”. A fun night of learning proper dumpling folding technique and munching on the finished product. We made three different types of fillings: the traditional: pork, shrimp & chive the healthy: zucchini, mint & feta the … Continue reading

Working for my supper

Summertime brings crab boils to NYC. Tables covered in newspaper, fingers for utensils and mountains of crabs to pick through plus communal seating make for fun nights. Of course, when you’re like me and will talk to anyone it’s even more fun. Recently, my friend Jeff invited me to join him for a crab boil … Continue reading

Cooler under pressure

This post easily qualifies as the ultimate kitchen experiment…  using a cooler to cook sous vide. For the non scientists in the kitchen, sous vide translates from French as cooking in a vacuum. Basically you put food in a plastic bag, vacuum pack it and cook it by plunging it into a water bath at … Continue reading