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Winter Comfortfood: Poached Eggs & Roasted Vegetable Rice Bowl

Winter Comfortfood: Poached Eggs & Roasted Vegetable Rice Bowl

It’s bitterly cold in NYC so other than wishing I was a bear that could sleep till spring,  I’ve been craving simple rich flavors – like a really great poached egg. Since I had some leftover brown rice from earlier in the week, I decided I’d use that as a base along with roasted parsnips and cherry tomatoes to … Continue reading


Simple Pleasures

I didn’t sleep well. I woke up late. Very late and desperately hoping it wasn’t a work day but alas it was. As I walked out my door two words popped into my head: Penny House. Despite being already insanely late for work my body found itself standing in front of the counter at Penny … Continue reading

A Tasty Lazy Sunday

Sometimes you want something really tasty but with a little less effort than usual so when that happens, or I’m crunched for time, I cheat by using store-bought bases to which I add a little personal touch. Today was one of those days. Brunch, was two 3-minute poached eggs on a toasted english muffin that I’d spread … Continue reading

Polenta a.k.a English Muffin

During my workout I started contemplating breakfast… the conversation in my head went like this: “ooh, 606 will be open. haven’t been there in a while… but I’m gonna be stinky… well, it is early so maybe that won’t really matter. Do they do takeout? No, you promised to cook more at home… I have … Continue reading