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Still Pouring

It’s been raining non stop for well over 24 hours. Last night around 9PM it was just spitting. Overnight it transitioned into just plain old rain and it didn’t let up all day, it actually rained harder and harder. By the time I left work, around seven, it was in full-on downpour mode. Of course, … Continue reading

Beers, Brooklyn and beats

Tuesday night I went to see M.Ward at Celebrate Brooklyn. I got there early to claim our blanket real estate then enjoyed a few illicit beers that my friend snuck in, (even I enjoy the occasional champagne of beers) while enjoying the show and the sweet smoke that wafted from nearby and across the crowd.

Summer tunes

Life is made of simple pleasures. Live music in the Prospect Park is one of them. The fact that the ominous clouds blew away to be replaced a deep dark blue sky just added to the magic.