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A Side Tracked Weekend

Wrapping up a 3-day weekend which I’d planned to spend cooking and crossing things off my to-do list, you know like filing my taxes… well let’s just say I got side tracked. After Friday’s insanity of a long day at work and an interesting cab ride home, I slept in. Though I did manage to … Continue reading


Iced Apple

We’re having a snowstorm. The weather people insisted on calling it Nemo… weather people’s kids must get picked on a lot. Predictions were for the hardest snow fall to hit the City of New York between 4-10pm.  Its 10.30pm, there are maybe 4 inches on the ground but its meant to snow till 1pm on … Continue reading

Sleep no more

I went to bed at 3.45am this morning not because I was out partying but because I had so much shit to do! I had left work at 6pm to run errands and even took my laptop home to wrap up a couple of work projects. Today, I also left work at 6pm. This time … Continue reading

Out with the old

As early as December 26th and reaching a pinnacle in the days following January 1st, carcasses of Christmas trees start to appear on city sidewalks. Since most New Yorker’s live in apartment buildings this can often mean passing small mountains of discarded trees. Most have been thoroughly stripped though as I walk by I always find … Continue reading

Motivation in its many forms

I woke up today, turned on the shower and just as I was about to step in under the jets my sleepy brain registered that the water was ice-cold. Uh oh. I figured the building’s boiler had stopped during the night. A fact that was confirmed by the super’s note in the lobby: “No heat. No … Continue reading

Tuesday treats & chores

This was my Tuesday night. A much welcomed mellow wrap up to a frustrating day at work. Part 1: Catch up with Jill and Rebecca at Bar(n) with a martini (okay, I had two!) Part 2: Laundry. I am a busy girl this week. A busy girl who is relieved she lives near a 24-hour … Continue reading

Welcome to the neighborhood #drinklocal

When a new business opens in the neighborhood I make a point of going. Not only because its important to welcome a new neighbor but also because it is a great way to see how the neighborhood demographics are shifting. Last Thursday, Tooker Alley opened. It is a bar. My favorite kind of local establishment. … Continue reading

Big kid playtime

This is what happened when when I was left alone while my friend put her 3 year old to bed. There was also some coloring involved. Guess what it is!?!