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Gourds of time

I know it’s the season. I know I’m meant to want to gather them up and decorate my home with them but much like Indian corn… I don’t get it. Even the perfect, front page pretty, waxed and organic ones available at Whole Foods for $0.79/ lb.


Pet peeves. We all have them. They don’t even necessarily make sense when you attempt to explain them to others but they exist. Apologies if this post seems like a rant but I need to share. One of my biggest is people who talk on their cell phones while completing a transaction in a store. … Continue reading

Dirty Friday

After a week of ups and downs this is how I wrapped up the week. It was just what I needed along with a night of crappy rom-com movies. I am really looking forward to getting out of town this weekend, though I should probably get some shut eye since we leave in 6 hours… … Continue reading

Exes and Ohs

Eight million people live in New York City. So one would think that the odds of running into people you know would be pretty slim, right? Wrong. I bump into people I know all the time and not because I am always going to the same places. Quite the contrary. Over the past few months … Continue reading