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A Perfect Weekend. In Good Company

I’ve never been a fan of the Hamptons, a part of Long Island where every summer a large contingent of seemingly moneyed New Yorkers spend their summer. ┬áTo me, it’s like Manhattan-at-the-Beach. The scenery is beautiful, the houses huge (who needs that many rooms!) but the idea of spending my weekend in towns where Main … Continue reading

Out with the old

As early as December 26th and reaching a pinnacle in the days following January 1st, carcasses of Christmas trees start to appear on city sidewalks.┬áSince most New Yorker’s live in apartment buildings this can often mean passing small mountains of discarded trees. Most have been thoroughly stripped though as I walk by I always find … Continue reading

Hidden Treasures

From the thawing ice banks of Brooklyn emerge bicycles, dog poo, bags of recycables and Christmas trees. A frozen record of urban life.